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ATROD International Ltd. is a truly world-class organisation, a world leader in the formulation, manufacturing and marketing of lubricants and petroleum products including
•    Automotive, heavy-duty diesel and marine engine and brake oils
•    Industrial lubricants
•    Greases
•    Specialty applications such as transmission fluids and anti freeze
•    Oil filters
ATROD draws on a rich heritage over years that is underpinned by vigorous research and development activities. Our smart solutions have become key components of today’s most demanding applications and advanced hardware systems.
ATROD Lubricants, has established several branches in USA, Europe, Africa and Asia where it has established its own distribution system covering the whole region. Our global operations encompass:
•    Worldwide production facilities
•    Sales representation in more than 10 countries
•    Business centres strategically located in the North America, Middle East and Africa
•    A global supply chain
•    Over 500 highly skilled and dedicated colleagues

Our commitment to technology and innovation continues to be at the core of our strategy.
ATROD has begun to balance its primary beneficial objectives with other social and environmental goals that help to maintain the natural resources for the future generations as well as  having a better and Green world.
To achieve these goals, ATROD has replaced its customary ingredients with environmentally friendly ones. This attitude is mirrored in the slogan of the company as well: The Green Magic

At ATROD, we are focused on delivering performance to be relied on. That means developing, manufacturing and delivering advanced products that meet the exacting standards and needs of our customers. Our technology excellence is backed by rigorous processes that ensure reliability, consistency and quality through product development to end delivery.
ATROD has contributed to philanthropic activities and helping needy people amongst the world. To accomplish this goal, 25% of the company′s income is spent in charitable affairs such as constructing school and educational complexes in deprived regions, developing sanitation and improving public knowledge especially in Iran and some parts of Africa.


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